OTTER Messer - Berufsmesser


OTTER Messer - Berufsmesser

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Blade : carbon (C75)
Blade length : 70 mm
Handle material : sapelli wood
Handle length : 95 mm
Weight : about 55 g

The OTTER company was founded around 1840 in a small ‘Kotten’ – a traditional grinder’s watermill – at the Königsmühle in Solingen by the Berns brothers.

OTTER knives are made in Solingen, using traditional methods. And they are still manufactured and sharpened there using meticulous handcraftsmanship to this day. In 2011 Frank Rommel took over the company and is leading the traditional manufactory into a new era.

It is important to him to preserve the consistency of OTTER knives and he is prepared to pursue new and different paths to achieve this. The range of OTTER knives, as well as carefully selected new accessory additions, should continue to impress with the same quality that has distinguished them for many decades.